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Thomas Carli Jarlier

Франция, Клермон-Ферран

Thomas has been tattooing since the age of 20, and has been drawing ever since childhood, being formed by his mother, the french artist Elisabeth Carli.
His tattooing style has been strongly influenced by Stephan Chaudesaigues, the well-known French tattoo artist, from whom Thomas learned. Other tattoo influences include Nikko Hurtado, Dmitry Samohin,Oleg Turyansky, Shane O’Neill, Matteo Pasqualin.

Thanks to cooperation with Britain’s fines tattoo artists, Paul Naylorand Duane Robinson, who have helped to put the practice together within British legislation, he and his wife have been able to finish the long walk to opening their own shop with a friendly environment and high standards.

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Moscow Tattoo Week 2017 (мероприятие)