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Майли Сайрус

Соединенные Штаты Америки (США)

The untamed singer and actress Miley Cyrus has more than 20 small tattoos all over her body. Her first is "Just Breathe", located right under her breast, as a tribute to her friend Vanessa who died of lung disease & her grandfathers who both died of lung cancer. "It reminds me not to take things for granted. I mean breathing---that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And i put it near my heart because that's where they'll always be", says Miley. Her 2nd tattoo is the word "Love" located inside of her right ear. "You're only supposed to hear things from people who genuinely love you", she explains. Miley Cyrus is family-oriented, too...for she shares a heart tattoo on her finger w/ her family members. Some more of her tattoos include a dreamcatcher on her ribs to represent her 4 brothers & sisters---a symbol of protection, a quote from former American president Theodore Roosevelt on her forearm that reads, "So that this place shall never be with the cold & timid sould who neither know victory nor defeat", from the Citizenship in a Republic speech given out in Paris in 1910.
Ма́йли Рэй Са́йрус (англ. Miley Ray Cyrus; имя при рождении — Де́стини Хо́уп Са́йрус (англ. Destiny Hope Cyrus)) — американская актриса и певица. Дочь кантри-исполнителя Билли Рэя Сайруса и Летиции Джин Сайрус.

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